This Remarkable Natural Drink Will Cure Your Migraine In 10 Minutes


        You can’t find man on the Earth, who didn’t experienced some kind of headacke. But if we talk about migraine,  to feel constantly pain such that  you head ready to explode, that is something else. Migraine is result of certain abnormal brain activity, and nothing else. Migraine may come also with nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light od some sounds or various symptoms before migraine attack, or accompanying them.

        Many of us who suffer from migraine must knew to avoid some triggers that are of different nature such as:

        Emotional  triggers – stress, depression, shock and premenant tension.

        Hormonal Changes  – due to menstrual cycle or menopause

        Environmental Triggers – air polution,  smocking , changes in climate or weather

        Dietary Triggers  – alcohol, caffeine drinks, chocolate, or irregular meals.

        How to treat Migraine? First step to attack migraine pain is to stay hydrated. When the electrolytes levels fall, causes discarding of water. That is a reason why you must drtink more water. To prevent burst of migraine and alleviating of pain , people allready hundreds of years have been using one simple recipe

        You will use 2 tbsp Himalayan salt, juice of half lemon and 1 cup of water. Pour salt in water and than add lemon juice. Mix well,  while salt  not dissolving.

        Himalayan salt is rich with calcium, magnesium, potassium, and many essential nutrients. Dont worry about consumption of salt, because content is extremely low.



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