Tips To Help You To Easily Explain To Your Children What Sex Is

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          Most parents are left speechless when their child suddenly ask a sex related question. We offer a few tips that can help you overcome awkward situations and create better communication with your child in order to build mutual trust.

  • Offer a specific answer – never miss the opportunity of teaching basics. If your child set a specific question, answer the question as most accurately as you know in a level of information adjust for the child’s Do not hesitate with the answer, because if you give a hesitant response, your child will not trust you completely anymore which can further result in poor communication between each other.
  • Do not give too much informationfor example, if your child asks how babies are born, explain that they come out of a certain part of the female body, which was created exactly for this, but be careful not to go into further explanation on how babies are conceived. Believe us, that question will be asked as well, and an excessive and unnecessary explanation would cause many new issues because of which your child will require more
  • Do not use lot of metaphors Depending on the age, you should speak about certain things by their real names. Over the years you only need to enlarge the amount of Offer simple and correct answer, without much metaphors which can further confuse the child’s mind and its way of thinking.
  • Use professional literature – When a child is old enough and able to read, buy him a literature appropriate for his age, which explains human development and reproductive system. This way, your child will learn about what interests him, without unpleasant conversations. However, you must know that child – parent conversations are irreplaceable and build lasting and strong mutual relationship that will last a lifetime.

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