What Your Toes Can Say About Your Character


There is a really old saying that is pretty much truth – eyes are the window of your soul. Making further examination of people behavior, qualities and character you should probably look further down into the feet, looking for longer/shorter second toe, instead looking deep in the eyes. The beliefs that by looking at someone’s feet and determining their character and possible behavior in a given situation are not coming only from India, China has a major influence as well in creating these believes, and these people are practicing it for a very long time. That is why they say, if the eyes are the window of your soul, the feet are the mirror of your body as well.

The character of a man is determined by the shape and length of the toes. In the image bellow you can recognize and find the shape and length of your toes and agree or disagree with what is says about you and if those main characteristics comply to you. You can try this “examination” with your friends and family as well.

Example no. 1

Indicates very creative personality. People who have this type of fingers are usually very smart, and will most likely always find a creative solutions to any kind of problem they are facing. However, sometimes because of insecurity, they leave already begun work half finished.

Example no. 2

People who have this this type of fingers are usually energetic and can often have creative potential. People around them can more or less always stand behind what the people with this finger type actually believe.

Example no. 3

Leadership indicator qualities; these people have only one main objective, and that is successful career. Usually nothing keeps them down and out of the game because they are pure perfectionists. Here is interesting historical information. There are Indian legends saying that the men were not allowed by their mother to marry a woman if her second toe is longer than the rest. In their legends, the second toe if longer means that that woman is controlling and commanding.

Example no. 4

Close friend and family, those are the two most important things in their life. People who have this characteristic on their feet are considered as compassionate people and very good listeners, so good that they are able to identify with the person they are communicating with. Deep and strong empathy usually is considered as negative rather positive, simply because makes the people too sensitive and they are too compassioned.

Example no. 5

Talking about ambition but the desire to take some responsibility is nowhere to be found. A man with such kind of toes is engaging and fun, but is very often naive, similar to child’s naivety.

You can surely find out and learn a lot about a certain man just by looking at his toes.

Witch type of toes do you have? Find out and share this article with your friends and family.

Source: www.forhealthylifestyle.com

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