You Don’t Have To Go Under The Knife: Treat All Types Of Cysts With This Simple Recipe!


People get so frightened when they have found out that they have cyst, but with proper treatment that issue could be fixed in no time and will stop complications with it. Cysts can appear on any part of the human body, and most often women are the ones affected with this problematic issue. The treatment of cysts is usually done by medications or in advanced cases by surgery and there are many cases when they appear once again either on the same spot or in other place of the body.

Sure we trust the doctors and the medications they prescribe, but why taking any excessive poison into your body when there are few natural remedies that are going to abolish the reappearance of cysts.

To help you stop guessing what that remedy is, here is the secret base – Aloe cactus and bellow is the list of ingredients that you will need and the method and steps of preparation of the remedy.

Ingredients needed:

– 150gr / 0.33 pounds Aloe Vera leaves

– 3 liters high quality red wine (preferably organic)

– 450gr / 1 pound chicory coffee

– 0.5 liters / 17oz medical alcohol

– 450ml / 2cups of honey (organic)

Preparation method:

Take a blender and blend the Aloe Vera leaves smooth, but don’t forget to remove all the spikes. Than, start adding the ingredients one by one. Try to add them while the blender is on to make better mixture. After the blending is done, take a large airtight container or even better and mason jar, and pour it inside, close the lid and place it in cool place, air vented for two weeks. After this process of fermentation is over, take the mixture and strain it. You can use cheese cloth for straining since it is an extremely fine mesh so it will take even the smallest particles. Best storage for this remedy will be glass bottles, if you don’t have them, you can use mason jars.

This drink / remedy should be taken one tablespoon at the time, three times a day, every day. Make sure that you have at least 1-2 hours before the meal, so it will give the best results. Try to avoid eating anything for that period of time; it gives best results if it is not mixed with any food.

When you start medicating your cysts issues with this remedy, try not to make any breaks or forget taking it on time. When you will notice that you are getting low on the remedy, prepare new one (have in mind that it takes 20 days to prepare). In order to have the best results and you to be cyst free you should consume two doses.

There are many testimonials of people who used this remedy. They claim that it helped them avoid any major surgeries, doctor’s visits and heavy medications, and their treatment was very simple to make and take. Some of the issues that this remedy helped people to treat are: chest tissue cyst, cyst in the female reproductive organs and kidney surrounding cysts. Bear in mind that this remedy is mostly recommended if the cyst is in its early stage and is very small in size. Be sure to talk to your doctor and get advice and their opinion for taking this remedy, especially if the cyst is larger in size.

The list of ingredients above is shoving you all of the ingredients that you need to prepare two doses. That is the recommended amount simply because it takes approximately 2 doses (time for consuming) to solve an issue like cysts.

Since it is all natural remedy, not only adults can use it when a health issue like this occurs, but children as well. The only thing is that you should divide the amount in half for older children and for younger ones it should be only half a teaspoon. The time manner of consuming it, regardless of the age, remains the same, on a daily basis, before meals, three times same amount.




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