Trick For Teeth Whitening At Home


         If you want to keep bright smile you do not have to pay expensive treatments. Instead, you can make your own natural remedies for teeth whitening.

          There are four great tricks for teeth whitening at home.

  1. Withstrawberries -rub a wholeorcrushedstrawberryonto the teeth andthey willwhiten. Enzymes contained instrawberries have the ability to whitenteeth andcleandental plaque. Due to sugarscontainingstrawberries, itis recommendedto wash yourteethwith toothpaste after you are done with the teeth whitening treatment.
  2. Withorange peel-the inside of the orange barkcontainsingredients thatwhitenteeth.Rubyour teethwithorange peelandrestoretheirshine.The methodis more effective if you sprinkle some salt onto the bark.After that you must wash your teethwithordinarytoothpaste.
  3. Withapple cidervinegar- If you use apple cider vinegarproperlydiluted withwater it ishealthyforthe whiteningof teeth. Mix oneteaspoon of apple cidervinegarwithhalfa glass ofwater. Use this liquid to rinseyour mouthevery day. Practice this method until your teethbecomesubstantiallywhite.
  4. Baking soda-Mix onetablespoon of baking soda, a little saltand a few dropsof apple cidervinegar. Use the resulting mixture to brushyour teeth with.However, you need to remember to use the mixture onlyoncea week. Baking soda can also be combinedwith3% hydrogen. Mix a teaspoon ofbaking soda with a tablespoon of hydrogenand a tablespoonof water.Use this mixturetobrushyour teeth.The trick hides in the hydrogen. It is highly important not to swallow the hydrogen. Ifyou swallow it accidentally you must immediatelydrinka glass ofwater.Thiswhiteningis also recommendedto be doneonly oncea week.

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