Use Needle Properly And Save The Life Of Someone Experiencing Stroke


       When a man experiences a stroke and you are nearby you need to stay calm. It is highly important not to move the ill because otherwise his capillaries may burst and thus cause internal brain bleeding. Brain capillaries are torn when someone experiences a stroke. A Chinese professor says a patient’s life can be saved from a stroke just by using a needle.

      The needle must first be sterilized by holding it over a fire for several seconds, and then you need to poke all ten fingers a few millimeters above the nail in order to cause bleeding. Blood has to flow off of each finger. If the bleeding does not start you have to cause it by pressing the finger. When all ten fingers begin to bleed, you will see that the victim is back to life after a few minutes. If the patient’s mouth is distorted, massage his ears until they become red. Poke one hole in each ear’s soft section and make sure two drops of blood drop. After a few minutes you will see the mouth of the patient is no longer distorted. When the patient returns to consciousness send him to the hospital.

      This method is 100% successful and thanks to it many people’s lives have been saved.

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