Use Raisin To Estimate The Intelligence Of Your Child


         The method of the researchers at the Warwick University could be the simplest test for children’s abilities that has ever been created. They tested hundreds of children aged eight, by putting a raisins grain under a cup, telling them to wait before they get to eat it.

        Although the rule seems fairly simple for children at a young age can be quite “grueling” and most of them will not be able to obey it. But the results showed that children who were the most patient in their eight year were significantly more intelligent (seven points on the scale) compared to their impatient peers.

        The game with a raisin grain is a simple way to assess the inhibitory control in young children and can be used in clinical practice in order to determine the degree of risk calling attention disorders and learning, said researcher Dieter Wolke. The lower the gestational age of the child the less inhibitory control and the chances of the child to appear disorder of attention and lower academic achievement were greater, according to the study.

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