Vitamin B17 Is Banned Because It Treats Cancer!


Vitamin В17 represents a concentrated form of apricot kernels, that if properly used, can provide numerous health benefits.

Just a small part of the population is familiar with fact that American Cancer Society, American Medical Association, and Food and Drug Administration did their best to try to stop people from organizing public meetings, writing books, and producing films on the incredible anticancer potent of vitamin B17.

Also, there was a case with medical practitioners whose efforts to save thousands of human lives thanks to this vitamin were prosecuted.

However, a woman used this anticancer remedy in order to save her life and started administering this vitamin B17 treatment. As soon as she started with vitamin B17 intake, the cancer gone into remission. But, as soon as she stopped taking it, the cancer cells returned. She rejected chemotherapy and continued using vitamin B17 and cured the disease. In about 10 weeks of use, she noticed miraculous effects that amazed her doctors!

She was taking 500 mg of vitamin B17 twice a day, and destroyed all 5 malignant tumors. Now, she lives a cancer-free and healthy and life.


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