Weather Changes Affects On People’s Mood

           If you have noticed weather affects your health, you are most likely suffering from meteor sensitivity, which is hypersensitivity to climate change.


          There are several groups of people who react differently to climate change. There are people who love spring and summer. During these periods of time they have shown less anger and felt happier and were less fearful. These two seasons are most likely linked with joy, passion and awakening. Winter, on the other hand, with its naked trees, darkness, cold and unfriendly winds, cause depressive mood. During this season people are less happy and joyful, more upset and show more anger. People who hate summer’s hot temperatures feel less happy. There is third group, in which people hate the rain. These people feel more anger than usual and are less happy when there is a wet weather.


          Seasonal disorder affects primary functions such as sleep, appetite, socialization, social behavior, body weight, mood and energy level. If you feel worse after 60 days and then you change your mood, you are most likely to suffer from seasonal behavior disorder.

         There are several ways through which you can improve your mood during weather disorders: visiting malls more often, attending parties (even though you do not feel like going), keeping your home lighten all the time and often spending time on a daylight, practicing physical exercises, starting the day earlier because depressing mood makes us sleepier and lazier. Oversleeping can worsen depression.

         However, our bodies must follow rhythms and seasonal changes and keep in touch with nature. Disruption occurs due to unhealthy lifestyle filled with stress, nervousness and rushing, which neglects our own natural biological rhythm. We get sick due to our lifestyle.

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