What Causes Excessive Sweating?


       Sweating is a normal process that takes place in our body when we are exposed to heat, when we are physically active or if you have any infections, so our immune system raises the temperature to kill bacteria or virus. But if too much sweat, and none of the above is not reason, it is possible to have a chronic problem that needs to be detected and resolved.

       Sweating can be a sign of hypoglycemia or fall in blood sugar levels. This can happen to healthy people if you miss a meal, and usually take place in diabetics. So if you happen, and you have not missed a meal, it’s time to check blood sugar. Thyroid gland is also cause for excessive sweating because it is possible that people who sweat have hyper active thyroid gland – hyperthyroidism. This means that the gland produces more hormones, which results in loss of weight and rapid heart beating. Hormones are also among the common causes of excessive sweating, so men who sweat too possible and have low testosterone levels and women low levels of estrogen , which marks the beginning of menopause. Excessive sweating may still be a consequence of the consumption of antidepressants that raise levels of stress hormones, which causes sweating. The same list includes medicines against flu and colds, antibiotics and tablets fortified with iron.

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