What Do Men Want In Their Girlfriends

                  Men are more interested for physical attractiveness and sexual passion, while women are more interested in financial stability and dedication in the relationship. These are stereotypes in which, we must admit, there is something true. However, in reality, both men and women basically want as much similar characteristics as possible in their partner.


                  The most important characteristics every man wants his girlfriend to possess are:

  • Attractiveness – the girl needs to be physically attractive, which means men are initially interested in the look of the girls. For girls, on the other hand, physical attractiveness is not crucial. They notice man’s capability when it comes to providing support and stability.
  • Men want woman who will give them enough love. For men it is not hard to notice if a woman is interested in them because of the external qualities they possess (money, looks, etc.). Or because they saw in them the human qualities that characterize them. No man wants a woman who will see him as a bank, temporary dad or as a mean for achieving some goals in life. Men want woman who can recognize his real personality and the potential for a real meaningful
  • Physical closeness with the partner is one of the things all men need to have in a relationship (sweet kiss, honest hug, gentle touch). All these things transfer woman with an express train to the heart of man. Lack of physical tenderness can make a man think there is lack of love and warmness. If you truly love someone, physical closeness and tenderness must be present every day.
  • Most men would like to end their day by spending quality time followed by activities with their loved one and lots of laughter. Men often have a hard time finding a girl who has a sense of humor. This characteristic is very important to men and lack of it may weaken the entire relationship. Man feels more powerful, smoother and understood when his girlfriend is laughing at his jokes. Smiling atmosphere is like glue that easily connects two hearts.
  • Men require relaxed and patient girls. They do not like women who are frustrated and “ask” from them to be mind-reader, no matter how sexy and attractive the girl is. Almost all men do not want a woman who will play tiresome mental games with them in the relationship.

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