What Is Written On The Bottom Of Plastic Containers?


      In the past fifty years, the way of life changed significantly and the plastic is simply flooded the planet. Short-term point of view plastic has improved our standard of living and facilitate our lives, but the long-term point of view it is a big threat to both our health and for the entire planet.

      At the bottom of each plastic packaging, see the triangle with the number in the middle. He speaks of that plastic packaging is made. Not all types of plastics as recommended for human consumption and equally harmful.

  1. – PET (PETE often) – polyethylene terephthalate. Bottles made of plastic these are intended for single use. After some research, there is a possibility that emit heavy metals antimony and EPA chemical substance, which interferes with the action of a hormone.
  2.  – HDP (sometimes HDPE) – high density polyethylene. It is a “good” plastic, for which there is the least likelihood of releases of chemicals into the water.
  3. – PVC (sometimes 3V) – polyvinyl chloride. This two plastic emits toxic chemicals, and both interfere with the functioning of hormones in the human body. Nevertheless, it is still commonly used for plastic bottles.
  4.  – LDPE – low density polyethylene. Plastic, which does not release chemicals into the water. Nevertheless, is not used for making plastic bottles, but mainly to produce plastic bags for groceries.
  5. – PP -polipropilen. Another “good” plastic, is usually white or translucent. Is used for the bottles to be packed in syrups, or yoghurt.
  6.  – PS – polystyrene. Plastics that are commonly used for disposable cups for coffee, or in fast food packaging. This plastic emits styrene, a compound that has been shown in some studies to affect the occurrence of cancer and other diseases.
  7.  – PC (or no label) – This is the worst plastic for food products, because it secretes a chemical BPA. Unfortunately, it is used in baby bottles, sports bottles and containers for food storage.

      Plastics, which do not release chemicals in foods are, therefore, 2, 4 and 5, or labeled HDP, HDPE, LDPE, PP. It is still best to keep water in glass bottles. So if you drink large amounts of water a day may be a good idea to consider the water pour into glass bottles, if at all possible, and thus do something good for yourself and for the environment.

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