What Reveal Children’s Drawings?


         We often do not pay much attention to the content of children’s drawings although only a brief analysis we can understand how the child feels at that moment.

         Children who want to take the initiative and are self-confident, but have some unrealistic desires, draw with black and purple color. Children who need love and respect draw with pink color, children who draw with red color are curious and do not want to miss anything important. The green color is used by children who want to be different from others, want their personal freedom and are artistic and very intelligent. Blue color is used by children who are caring and want to socialize. The yellow color is used by those children who are intelligent and cheerful nature.

         Children who are strongly attached to the mother and the past are drawing to the left side of the sheet. Children attached to their father and have the need to communicate and are interested in the future are drawing on the right side of the sheet. If the drawn figures are drawn in the middle of the sheet then it indicates that the child is secure in itself, if the figures are on the sides and corners of the sheet that reveals child’s inability to cope with problems.

         If children’s drawings have big people without neck and asymmetry in the limb it tells us that this is an impulsive child. Insecure child will draw monsters with small heads and without hands, obliquely drawn. Shy child’s drawing will usually present little people without nose or mouth and hands snugly against the body. Clouds, rain, birds flying and people without eyes are drawn by child who constantly worries about anything. Children who are easily get angry draw long arms, big hands and teeth, crossed eyes.

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