When Purchasing Fresh Fruit Pay Attention To The Fruits’ Labels


         When you buy fresh fruit, especially bananas, apples, oranges and tangerines that have labels onto them, do not just see if the fruit is fresh and ripe, but also look at the markings on the labels and stickers.

         When buying imported fruits check the numbers on the label. If you see four-digit numbers, beginning with the digits 3 or 4, it means that the fruit is grown according to the rules agricultural regulations. This can also mean that the manufacturer used fertilizers.

         If the fruit you intend to buy have five-digit number, of which the first is 8, it means that fruit is genetically modified product. You must return the product on the supermarket shelf.

         If the label on the fruit has five-digit number, and it begins with 9 it means that the fruit is organic product grown on old-fashioned and comes from healthy environment, it is grown in traditional way, without fertilizer and pesticides.

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