When You Should Not Drink Energy Drinks?


       There are different opinions about energy drinks. Some point out that are extremely harmful, comparing them with drugs, but others simply can not function without them. Here that is not recommended their consumption. Sometime  everybody needs something to make the day, a small dose of energy, for which often reach for energy drinks. Some men act, some do not feel any effect, while a third seriously endanger their health.

      One can of 500 ml energy drink contains about 150 calories that the average person can burn 20 -minute fast running, writes Daily Mail. The way they operate these energy drinks has significantly increased level of caffeine. Therefore, these drinks are not recommended for those with heart disease. The only ones who could drink energy drinks with no or lower risks to their health are active persons working on endurance exercises, says the European Agency for Food Safety (EFSA).

     But, despite the warnings, many people regularly  consumpt  these drinks. Research conducted in the UK showed that 11 million British adults regularly consume these beverages often drink at work, when you feel fatigue, and 18 percent use as a cure for a hangover. Despite the worrying figures  of energy drinks consumers, researchers have come up to a terrible fact. The drinking energy drinks and various sports, people forget to drink water for hydration is the most important, especially for those who exercise regularly.

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