Which Is Better For Hand Hygiene: Paper Wipers Or Hand Dryer?


      We all know how hand washing is important, especially in the season of colds and flu, but the best way to dry hands – wiping with paper wipers or drying the hands with a hand dryer? If hand wash with soap , many bacteria will be removed, but if not wash their hands properly or washing with water, the method of drying can be very important. Bacteria on  wet skin spread quickly. A touch of jeans or door, you can collect a few bacteria. In this case it is best to use paper towel for hands.

     If our hands dry with drier (hands dryer) , it’s necessary to stay at least 45 seconds to remove 97 percent of the moisture, while 96 percent of the moisture of our hands is removed for 10 seconds by using a paper towel. However, most people spend up to 22 seconds drying hands with  hands dryer, making them evaporate only 70 percent humidity. And those five seconds to wipe your hands with a paper towel can collect 85 percent of the moisture of hands.

     Duration is also important for the removal of bacteria. In using the towel a number of bacteria passes directly to the paper. And some studies have found that  hands dryer can stimulate the flow of bacteria in contaminated bathroom. However, drying the hands can be effective if you know to do this properly and if long enough to dry hands. And if you want to dry hands properly while you save paper, shake after washing them at least 12 times, then wipe with paper.

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