Why Is Good Rosemary?


      Better blood circulation, better functioning of the stomach, relieve headaches …

      Rosemary is a great gift of nature whose Latin name is Rosmarinus officinali. If we go back in history we find that the ancient Greeks this plant dedicated to the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, a Hungarian Queen Isabella used the rosemary as a natural means for rejuvenation.

      Our folk medicine commonly used rosemary as a tool for better circulation and raise low blood pressure. Perhaps it is less known , but no less important is the fact that rosemary helps anemic children, improves appetite, has a beneficial effect on the stomach, strengthens the exhausted body, improves mood, calms nervousness, tension, relieves anxiety ( fear ). Due to the aforementioned positive impact on circulation, this plant also relieves menstrual pains (dysmenorrhea), and may help in the absence of menstruation (amenorrhea).

      If the tea of rosemary drink in the evening will reduce the need for sleep. Tea made from rosemary (and compress of rosemary), relieves headache, especially one that is caused by excessive mental load. In the folk medicine  is known to tea or wine rosemary dilate blood vessels and thereby stimulate circulation in men.

     Wine of rosemary – If you do not feel in the morning you wake up more tired than you were when you went to sleep, during the day you are sluggish and sleepy, at the same time you have low blood pressure, it helps to get wine rosemary.

     Preparation: A handful of rosemary leaves mixed into 1 liter of good wine (preferably homemade red). Keep the mixture in a glass bottle for seven days and every day 2-3 times, shake well. On the eighth day , strain and drink every day one glass of shot in the morning before breakfast and before lunch one afternoon.

     Rosemary bath – It is useful in the morning because it awakens and refreshes. It should not be used in the evening as it can dispel the dream. For this bath will suffice rosemary extract. Also available as rosemary bath salts.

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