Will This Replace Your Coffee? It Looks Great And Is Very Healthy


         They say that this drink has caffeine as much as half a cup of espresso – is now a hit in the world and threatens to become even more popular than coffee ! Looks like coffee, but actually a powdered green tea has become very popular in the world , mostly among those promoting healthy diet.

        Ground green tea called Matcha is made by grinding green tea leaves  it contains enough antioxidants , and despite the fact that only now begun to talk more about the tea he drinks in Japan since 1191. Namely , the Buddhist monk from Japan conveyed seed Macha tea in China , and there spread the idea of ​​drinking tea as a habit that is good for health. Although this drink has very high nutritional benefits, it was heard even now, thanks to (as you can imagine ) – Instagram. “

       This tea visually looks nice, and considering that it is now more important to display Instagram and look beautiful, Matcha tea is suitable for it,” says Cathy Chan which for an American magazine write memoirs. Besides looks beautiful, Macha tea has many positive effects on health – contains antioxidants that are good for cancer prevention , accelerate metabolism thanks to polyphenols … As previously mentioned  it is made by grinding the leaves of green tea, and not from extracts so good effect on health is even greater. Also , the leaves of green tea contain L- theanine , an amino acid that relaxes and creates a feeling of alertness. On the other hand, nutritionist Karen Collins says a bit worrying amount of caffeine containing Matcha tea – less coffee , but more than the usual green tea. “Besides, you should have in mind that the ingredients in the drink Macha is 30 times stronger than ordinary drinking green tea , so you should not drink more than one cup per day

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