Within Just A Second A Fly Can Transmit Very Dangerous Viruses Onto Your Food


          Flies, especially the ones you usually find in your home that are hard to kill, are dangerous in terms of transmission of dangerous viruses. The reality is that the flies eat some of the most odious things you can imagine: feces, garbage, and rotten flesh of dead animals. Another ugly fact is that the flies cannot chew, so in order to eat, they spit out enzymes that break down their food so they can afterwards feed themselves by, practically, sucking the food.

         But their enzyme saliva is not the real reason why they are so contagious. The dangerous cause is bacteria and viruses that attach onto the bodies of flies and so they are being spread out, carrying the diseases from which people get sick. Only one second of contact fly-food is enough and the viruses, from the small hairs on their legs, are transferred to your serving. Serious viruses, such as cholera, dysentery and typhoid are just some of the variety you might deal with.

         Respondents were asked for a recent survey’s purposes: “If you were in a restaurant, which of the following would force you to throw the fork and stop eating: a rat, a cockroach, a fly, an ant or a snake?” Not surprisingly, 61% answered – cockroaches. On the other hand, if you ask scientists, they will answer “fly” without any hesitation.


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