You Have Problems With Your Organism? Cure Yourself With The Help Of The Plant Called Houseleek



       The healing properties of the houseleek herb allow many treatment possibilities. Today we will present a houseleek recipe for treating cysts in the organism.

      All you need, in order to make the recipe is half a kilo of houseleek and 1 kilo of honey.

      Method of preparation: Blend the houseleek leaves in a blender and mix them with honey afterwards. Stir well using a wooden or plastic spoon. Place the mixture in a jar wrapped with foil in order to prevent light from entering. Let the jar stand still for five days in the fridge and then you can consume the remedy. You should consume 2 teaspoons of the remedy (use plastic spoon) and not eat anything in the next 20 minutes. You are allowed to drink little bit of water if you are very thirsty.

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